Spiritual Gifts: The Gift of Hospitality


  • Hospitality in the bible
  • Hospitality today


What do you think was one of the most effective tools for the spread of the gospel in the first century? They did not have the internet with Facebook, podcasts, or YouTube. They did not have the printing press with access to thousands of good books. They did not have church buildings in which they could meet and invite the community into. Not everyone in the early church could even read and write. We know that it was the work of God by His Spirit, but one of the everyday tools that He used to spread the gospel in the first century was, the home. Hospitality was an important tool that God used, and continues to use to spread His word.

We are doing a series on the spiritual gifts looking at Romans 12:6-8. We stated at the first that we would branch out to some of the other gifts not mentioned here, hospitality is one of them. Today we want to look at hospitality in the bible and then today.