Luke 17:11-19: The Ten Lepers

Speaker: | October 17, 2021

Many a Christian has come to be grateful for the particular difficulty that led them to cry out to the Lord, and by which they were saved. There are many cries to God during times...


Luke 14:25-35: Marks of a True Disciple

Speaker: | August 15, 2021

The word ‘Nominal’ in nominalism or nominal Christianity means, in name only. It comes from the Latin word nomen which means name. One of the biggest hindrances to Christianity has been nominal Christianity, or cultural...


Luke 14:1-14: Jesus Confronts False Religion

Speaker: | July 25, 2021

We all know that false religion exists. What are some of the facets of false religion?  True religion is revealed by God, false religion comes from anywhere else, either from man or worse some demonic source. ...


Luke 13:22-30: How Many Will Be Saved?

Speaker: | June 27, 2021

Who is going to be saved and how many will be there? This is a big question which many have asked. Asking the question today in an age like ours has certain other questions attached...