Luke 13:1-9: Suffering and Repentance

Speaker: | May 30, 2021

We come now to what is probably the most important portion in the Bible on people suffering and our response to it. We are all familiar with the classic problem, something bad happens and the...


Luke 12:49-59: War and Peace

Speaker: | May 23, 2021

Familiar words from Isaiah 9:6-7: ‘For to us a child is born, to us a son is given; and the government shall be upon his shoulder, and his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty...


Luke 12:35-48: The Master’s Return

Speaker: | May 16, 2021

We come now to a section which deals with the second coming of Christ. We are in that part of the gospel where Jesus is training His disciples; He has warned them about persecutions; He...


Luke 12:22-34: Do Not Be Anxious

Speaker: | May 09, 2021

There are two hands with which we hold onto the things of this life, there is the hand of greed and the hand of worry. The hand of greed holds onto things out of a...


Luke 11:37-54: Defleecing Wolves

Speaker: | April 18, 2021

What is a shepherd to do when there are wolves? You might think that the right thing would be to kill the wolves and protect the sheep. When spiritual shepherds are dealing with spiritual wolves...


Luke 11:29-36: Evil Unbelief

Speaker: | April 11, 2021

Perhaps you remember what it was like. Before you became a believer you had a certain set of assumptions about faith and God. We were the arbiters of truth and God had to prove Himself...


Luke 11:24-28: A Call for True Conversion

Speaker: | March 28, 2021

In 2021 there are about 2.5 Billion Christians in name in the world today. But how many of these Christians in name are Christians in truth? What is the difference between a Christian in name...


Luke 11:14-23: Whose Side Are You On?

Speaker: | March 21, 2021

Imagine being raised in a religion where you were taught that you were right and everyone else was wrong; you are God’s people and everyone else is of the devil; and you have the truth...