Revelation 22:6-21: Epilogue

Speaker: | August 07, 2016

Outline 1st exhortation 2nd exhortation 3rd exhortation 4th exhortation 5th exhortation Introduction We have finally come to the end of this most marvellous book of Revelation. We are not left with a number of pictures...


Revelation 22:1-5: Paradise Regained

Speaker: | July 31, 2016

Outline Garden Temple Kingdom Introduction ‘Protology is eschatology’ is an important truth that helps you grasp the unity and overall storyline of the bible. The study of first things makes no sense unless we study...


Revelation 21:9-27: The New Jerusalem

Speaker: | July 24, 2016

Outline The city’s appearance The city’s life Introduction We are well familiar to the rags to riches story, but the story of the church is a story of riches to rags to riches. God’s people...


Revelation 21:5-8: Promises

Speaker: | July 10, 2016

Outline Promises of life Promises of death Introduction When you want something in writing you are asking for assurances that something will come to pass. God puts in writing His promise to make all things...


Revelation 21:1-4: The New Creation

Speaker: | July 03, 2016

Sorry, no audio available; the recording didn’t work. Outline God’s new creation God’s tabernacling God’s presence Introduction In our naturalistic worldview, the future ends in a big bang, crunch or freeze. Much more of the...


Revelation 20:7-15: The end of all things

Speaker: | June 26, 2016

Outline Satan’s judgement Final judgement Introduction God’s vindication is a very important theme in Scripture, that God seeks to show His power, holiness and justice and all His perfections, and to demonstrate it in fulfilling...


Revelation 20:1-6: The Millennium

Speaker: | June 19, 2016

Outline Contextual considerations V1-3 V4-6 Introduction Babylon is defeated, the beast and the false prophet are defeated, the armies that arranged themselves against the church are defeated, but what about the devil the great enemy...


Revelation 18:1-24: The Fall of Babylon

Speaker: | May 01, 2016

Outline Babylon is judged Babylon is mourned Babylon is no more Introduction What will become of the vast amount of sinful humanities accomplishments? What will become of the Tower-of-Babel-like pile of godlessness we have produced...


Revelation 17:1-6: The Great Prostitute

Speaker: | April 03, 2016

Outline Her influence Her appearance Introduction The book of Revelation can be understood through the lens of counterfeiting. We have noted in the past how there is the Trinity and there is the anti-trinity of...