Philippians 3:1 – 3 True and False Religion

I can remember those times as a young Christians when I was confronted with cults like theSeventh Day Adventists; and the International Church of Christ, how unsettled I felt whenall that I thought to be true was being challenged. The teachings of these groups made itfeel like the salvation that I was thought I had was not real. Did I have the 666 of the bookof Revelation because I did not keep a Saturday Sabbath; did I need to get rebaptized withtheir baptism so that I could be truly saved? I did not yet have a full understanding of howGod saves us by grace alone; through faith alone; in Christ alone. I did not have the joy ofmy salvation that comes from the assurance of my salvation. At times I would believe thepromise that if I believe I have eternal life but there was so much I did not know and sowould flounder. I was wide open to be intimidated and manipulated through guilt and mydesire to be saved. I would read their books, listen to hours of their teaching, and would bewilling to do all sorts of things just to get the salvation I longed for. I have since learnedthat the greatest defense against false teachings and false gospels is the joy of my salvationthat comes from a proper grasp of the gospel of grace. The joy of salvation is our greatestdefense against temptation; against trials; and false gospels