Romans: Final Overview

Speaker: | April 28, 2019

Introduction: You have heard the saying, ‘I can’t see the forest for the trees.’ Some of you may feel this way as we come to the end of the book of Romans, it is the...


Romans 16:21-27: Doxology

Speaker: | April 14, 2019

Introduction: What distracts you in worship? Is it the heat? Maybe it is the sounds of people cutting their grass. Maybe you are distracted by the sounds the kids make, misspelt words on the slides,...


Romans 16:20 – Grace

Speaker: | April 07, 2019

Introduction: If you had to boil down God, the Bible and the gospel down into one word, what word would it be? I think Paul would say that ‘grace’ sums it all up. Grace was the...


Romans 16:20: Victory over satan

Speaker: | March 31, 2019

Introduction: This is the first and only mention of satan in the book of Romans. Why talk about him now? Paul has been giving his love to the church and encouraging love between people and...


Romans 16:3-5a: Prisca and Aquila

Speaker: | February 03, 2019

Introduction: If I were to ask you to think of 24 names in a church you have never visited, could you do it? Could you name 24 people in the names of one of our...


Romans 16:1-2: Deaconesses?

Speaker: | January 27, 2019

Introduction: What is the role of women in the church? Can women be deacons? These are some of the matters that we will be looking into today as we deal with Romans 16:1-2, ‘I commend...


Romans 15:30-33: How God answers prayer

Speaker: | December 02, 2018

Introduction: How many of you have ever kept a prayer journal? Many have testified to the encouragement of looking back on their early prayers and seeing either God answering the prayers, or changing the prayers...


Romans 15:9: Paul The Church Planter

Speaker: | October 28, 2018

Introduction: How do you see the Great Commission being fulfilled? Some think that it is not our job but it was the job of the original apostles, this cannot be the case because the command to...


Romans 15:13: The First Benediction

Speaker: | September 30, 2018

Introduction: We come to the end of the teaching part of the book of Romans as Paul pronounces the first of three benedictions, Romans 15:13, ‘May the God of hope fill you with all joy...


Romans 15:9-12: God of All Nations

Speaker: | September 23, 2018

Introduction: Many Christians without trying have a divided God, the God of the OT, and a second and different God of the NT. This functional Bitheism is a contradiction to the unity of the Scriptures...