Psalm 37:1-11: The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth

It is hard not to get angry at the way the world is going today.  As Christians we know what the truth is; we know what right and wrong are; we know how people are to live their lives as married couples, parents, in holiness and truth.  We know that God is to be acknowledged and worshipped.  We know what the laws of the Land ought to be when it comes to things like homosexual marriage, euthanasia, abortion, etc.  But what are we seeing?  The Christianity that used to shape our society is now marginalized, no worse than that it is blamed for all sorts of problems and perceived problems in the past, it is aggressively rejected.  In fact anyone who associates with it becomes part of the problem and public enemy number one.  More than that we are seeing big government; big education; big pharma; big business; big tech; big social media; big main stream media; big Hollywood; big sports all leaning in a leftist direction.  We are seeing the influence of critical theory, transgender ideology, soft forms of communism and many other insidious ideas take over the voices that are heard in the public square and worse than that are now after our children.  It is very hard not to get angry in a world like ours.