Ephesians 4:25: No More Lies

Speaker: | November 29, 2020

A British survey in 2008 reported that people lie on average 4 times a day, which is at least 1460 times a year and 88,000 times in 60 years. In 2002 a study done by...


Ephesians 3:14-19: Praying for power

Speaker: | July 26, 2020

Praying when we are in need is easy, we always pray from the heart, but praying for others often deteriorates into shallow requests without heart. We often pray generic prayers for health, provision, and spiritual...


Ephesians 3:11-13: The Plan of God

Speaker: | July 19, 2020

One of the most misunderstood, yet one of the most comforting doctrines that we believe in is the doctrine of God’s decree. Just as a builder does not begin to build without the blueprints, God...