Seven Deadly Sins

Seven Deadly Sins – Lust

Speaker: | February 18, 2023

We come now to our final look at the seven deadly sins from proverbs, and we have left lust for last. Traditionally lust was the obvious deadly sin and things like greed and envy and...

Seven Deadly Sins – Anger

Speaker: | January 29, 2023

Our next deadly sin is the sin of anger or wrath. Evolutionary science tells us that our anger is something that was once beastly that has become something beautiful. That we had a fight of...

Seven Deadly Sins – Drunkenness

Speaker: | December 11, 2022

1 in every 5 NZ adults has a hazardous drinking pattern. ‘Note: ‘Hazardous drinking’ refers to an established alcohol drinking pattern that carries a risk of harming the drinker’s physical or mental health or having...