The Bible: Part 5: Archaeology and the Bible

Speaker: | February 24, 2019

Introduction: In the 1800s when the budding science of Archaeology was burgeoning, various bold and confident claims were made about the past which contradicted the historical credibility of the Bible. The OT in particular has...


The Bible: Part 3: Unity

Speaker: | February 03, 2019

Introduction: Marcion was one of the early heretics in Church history. He thought that the God of the OT was different to the God of the NT. He saw the God of the OT as...


The Bible: Part 2: Uniqueness

Speaker: | January 27, 2019

Introduction: One of the greatest arguments for Christianity is the Bible itself. There is no other book like the Bible. Immanuel Kant who for the most part rejected Christianity said this of the Bible, ‘The...