Contradictions in the Bible

Speaker: | August 25, 2019

Nearly anyone you speak to today will say that the Bible is full of contradictions, therefore it cannot be a solid basis upon which to build our faith in God. I suggest that anytime someone...


Genesis 2: Evolution or Creation

Speaker: | August 04, 2019

Introduction: Where does life come from?  Where does humanity come from?  These are the questions that we want to consider today.  The most common answer that we find in our Western context is—evolution.  Life evolved...


Big Bang or Creation?

Speaker: | July 28, 2019

Introduction: In my last talk on apologetics we dealt with the objection to miracles, that was the first of three talks on the scientific objections to Christianity.  Today we want to consider the objection to...


The Objection to Miracles

Speaker: | July 07, 2019

Introduction: One of the most common reasons why people reject Christianity today is because the modern person rejects miracles on principle. There is a common retort that the modern person who is educated and has...


The Objection of Homophobia

Speaker: | June 30, 2019

Introduction: A major reason why people will not become Christians and have less and less time for the Bible and Christianity is the objection of homophobia. It will not be long in any conversation about...


The Problem of OT Genocide

Speaker: | June 23, 2019

Introduction: Richard Dawkins once described God as: “…the most unpleasant character in all fiction: jealous and proud of it; a petty, unjust, unforgiving control freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser; a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticidal,...


The Problem of Hell

Speaker: | May 26, 2019

Introduction: One of the most emotional arguments against Christianity is the problem of hell. Many are ready to accept a God of love but will not believe in the God of the Bible because of...


The Problem of God and Suffering

Speaker: | May 12, 2019

Introduction: Today we begin the second half of our apologetics study where we handle objections to the faith. In the first part we laid out some of the most common ways to present the rationality...


The Argument from Experience

Speaker: | May 05, 2019

Introduction: Last week we began to enter into some of the more subjective aspects of apologetics looking at the argument from desire. Today we want to go a little deeper into the subjective side of...


The Argument From Desire

Speaker: | April 28, 2019

Introduction: We have been looking at the traditional arguments for God such the moral argument, the ontological, the cosmological, and the teleological argument for God. However, we have not been using them in the traditional...


The Transcendental Argument

Speaker: | April 14, 2019

Introduction: Today we want to move on from traditional arguments for God, the ontological, the cosmological and the teleological to some new arguments advanced for the existence of God. Today we want to look at...


Traditional Arguments For God Part Two

Speaker: | April 07, 2019

Introduction: This is perhaps the oldest and most popular argument for God, it is the argument from design. The Greek word telos which means ‘end’ is used because if we are able to discern design because...