Sermons by Nick Clevely


Habakkuk 1:1-4: The Doubting Prophet

Speaker: | January 19, 2020

People go through their lives not thinking about God, but as soon as something goes wrong then suddenly the questions fly and someone has to be blamed and God whose existence was being ignored is...


John 1:14: Jesus tabernacled among us

Speaker: | December 22, 2019

“Jesus is the temple” is my Christmas meditation for us this year. It sounds weird I know but it is relevant I promise. We have recently been going through Luke’s gospel and looking at all...


Luke 4:38-44: Jesus the Healer

Speaker: | December 22, 2019

Why do we get sick? The Bible teaches that we get sick and die because of the curse upon sin. Adam would have lived in a world full of bacteria but because his body was...


Luke 4:31-37: The Authority of Jesus

Speaker: | December 15, 2019

A biblical counsellor tells of a couple he was counselling: ‘Cynthia, a woman I counselled, once cast a demon from her toaster when it failed to work! More seriously, she and her husband Andrew had...


Luke 4:22-30: Rejecting Jesus

Speaker: | December 08, 2019

Why do people reject Jesus? Why do people see His claims, claims that we have seen and recognise to be true and wonderful and yet do not believe? Today we want to do an analysis...


Luke 4:14-21: The Mission of Jesus

Speaker: | December 01, 2019

What was the mission of Jesus? What did He come to accomplish? There are various answers to those questions. The reason the answer is so important is because the Church is called to line up...


Luke 4:1-13: The Temptation of Christ

Speaker: | November 24, 2019

You and I sin every day. There is no one here who is perfectly honest, perfectly loving, perfectly self-controlled, perfectly centred on God’s glory in everything they do. We are under constant assault from sin,...


Luke 3:23-38: The Genealogy of Jesus

Speaker: | November 17, 2019

How many of you have traced back your family tree? There comes a time in life when you begin to seek out your past as a way to understand something of your identity. We all...