Sermons by Nick Clevely


Ephesians 4:29: New Speech

Speaker: | January 31, 2021

‘There is a story in the Jewish Talmud about a king who sent two jesters on an errand. He instructed them, “Foolish Simon, go and bring me back the best thing in the world. And...


Luke 11:1-4: The Lord’s Prayer: Father

Speaker: | January 31, 2021

We apologise that there is no audio recording for this sermon. Prayer, one of the easiest and the hardest of things to do; one of the simplest and the most theologically mysterious and complex of...


2 Timothy 3:14-17: Continuing in the Truth

Speaker: | December 20, 2020

For our new year’s meditation I want to direct you to 2 Timothy 3:14-17. Firstly appreciate the context: Paul warns Timothy about a massive turning away from the truth, v1-7, But understand this, that in...