Sermons by Nick Clevely


Luke 24:48-49: Empowered Witnesses

Speaker: | November 13, 2022

When I say the word witness what comes to mind?  Maybe at first it is the Jehovah’s Witnesses.  Or maybe you think of evangelism and witnessing.  Perhaps you think of the Great Commission and recognize...


Elders- Alfie Orr Induction

Speaker: | October 09, 2022

Apologies- there is no audio available for this sermon   Today we have had the privilege of inducting Alfie into the eldership.  This is a solemn occasion and has been done publicly with the exchanging...


Luke 24:13-35: The Road to Emmaus

Speaker: | September 30, 2022

OUTLINE The loss of hope The return of hope The response of hope INTRODUCTION I have been thinking a lot about hope lately. In part because of the three funerals that we have recently had,...

Chap. 2: Para: 3: The Trinity: Part Three

Speaker: | September 18, 2022

OUTLINE Nicea Constantinople INTRODUCTION For those who suffer from technologophobia (the fear of technical terms); or those those who suffer from disconeologophobia (the fear of learning new words); or who have Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia (the fear of...


Luke 24:1-12: The Resurrection of Christ

Speaker: | September 18, 2022

OUTLINE The witness of the tomb The witness of the angels The witness of the women INTRODUCTION On March 28th 1980 the so called family tomb of Jesus was found, also called the Talpiot Tomb. ...


Luke 23:50-56: The Burial of Christ

Speaker: | September 11, 2022

OUTLINE The fact of Jesus death and burial The significance of Jesus death and burial INTRODUCTION ‘I believe in Jesus Christ, his only Son, our Lord, who was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born...


Luke 23:44-49: The Death of Christ

Speaker: | September 04, 2022

OUTLINE The darkness The curtain The cry The centurion INTRODUCTION What is the significance of the death of Christ? What is accomplished in the death of Christ? Luke answers these questions for us as he...