Malachi 3:13-18: How we Speak About God

Speaker: | March 06, 2022

OUTLINE Words of faithlessness Words of fear INTRODUCTION What is the difference between a mercenary and a soldier? A soldier fights for his country; a mercenary fights for himself; the soldier for honor, love of...


Malachi 3:6-12: Robbing God

Speaker: | February 20, 2022

OUTLINE Turning Tithing Testing INTRODUCTION ‘The bible leaves no question about it. God’s people are supposed to be rich…. God’s people are to be rich—financially wealthy and prosperous in every possible way, with plenty of...


Malachi 2:17-3:5: Theodicy

Speaker: | February 13, 2022

OUTLINE The accusation The answer INTRODUCTION Sin creates reversals. Marriage as a relationship where we are to serve each other gets distorted into a relationship where we serve ourselves. God’s gifts in creation which are...


Malachi 2:13-16: Divorce: Part Three

Speaker: | February 06, 2022

OUTLINE Children and divorce The heart and divorce Hatred and divorce INTRODUCTION We are in our third sermon looking at the matter of divorce. So far we have looked at the spiritual consequences for those...


Malachi 2:13-16: Divorce: Part One

Speaker: | January 16, 2022

Introduction    Marriage in NZ is under attack. 2020 saw some of the lowest amounts of marriages in NZ recent history. There were only 16 380 marriages.1 The statisticians add a further 403 same sex...


Malachi 2:10-12: Unequally Yoked

Speaker: | January 09, 2022

OUTLINE The sin in Israel The sin in the Bible The sin in our experience INTRODUCTION Marriage is an institution created by God and as sinners we reject God’s institutions and sin against them just...


Malachi 2:1-9 Holding Leadership Accountable

Speaker: | January 02, 2022

OUTLINE The unheeding Levite The ideal Levite The wayward Levite INTRODUCTION Robert Murray McCheyne said once that his people’s greatest need was his personal holiness. Why is it that a church’s greatest need is for...


Malachi 1:6-14 The Worship God Hates

Speaker: | December 26, 2021

OUTLINE Dishonoring worship Minimalistic worship Lukewarm worship Compromised worship INTRODUCTION How much worship does God deserve? How much honor, reverence, fear, awe, love, obedience, and sacrifice? The truth is we can never worship, honor or...


Malachi 1:1-5: Doubting the Love of God

Speaker: | December 12, 2021

INTRODUCTION The Puritan Samuel Rutherford, in a letter to a man who doubted whether he was a Christian wrote this: ‘We being born in atheism, and bairns (children) of the house we are come of,...