2 Samuel 8: David’s administration


  • David’s victories
  • David’s worship
  • David’s rule


2 Samuel 8 is one of those chapters that you would find unmemorable except that it might violate your modern sensibilities. Sandwiched in between the great chapters on the Davidic covenant and David’s mercy to Mephibosheth it gets very little air time. But this chapter plays an important role in that it is the final part of the long ascent of David to the throne. If you were to divide the life of David up into two parts, you would have David a servant after God’s heart from 1 Sam. 15-2 Sam 8; and then David a servant under God’s rod beginning from chapter 9. In other words the summarising nature of the chapter is pulling together much of what has happened up until this point, and the story changes in tone dramatically from this point on. One commentator speaks about how this chapter is a partial glimpse of the kingdom because all the basic ingredients of a manifestation of God’s kingdom are present.

As we go through this chapter we want to note David’s victories worship and rule. Each part theologically rich and helping us to see the nature of God’s future kingdom.