Revelation 2:1-7: Ephesus Part 1

Speaker: | January 18, 2015

Introduction: Your greatest strength can become your greatest weakness, this is the lesson of the letter to Ephesus. One of our great weaknesses as finite sinners is that we cannot multitask the good. We focus...


Revelation 1: The 7 letters

Speaker: | December 21, 2014

Introduction: There are many different views on the book of Revelation but one that has a lot of sway in Pentecostal churches is the seven age theory. A teacher of this view is William Marion...


Revelation 1:1-5: An Overview

Speaker: | November 09, 2014

Introduction: I remember watching a documentary on condors, a species of American bird on the brink of extinction. I remember the scientists putting on a glove that had a beak to feed it, and it...