Revelation: Introduction to Revelation: Overview of views and terms


Last week was our official start of a new series in the book of Revelation. It is one of the most contested books in the bible but that should not stop us from studying it. The fact that Christians differ strongly upon it is not grounds for us to avoid it. If we avoided every doctrine that Christians fought over there would be nothing left to believe. No the book of Revelation is a vital book for all the church and one of tremendous encouragements and warnings. We will slowly go through this book and seek to speak to the many attaching issues. The scope of our study will quite broad. We will have to consider parts of the OT in depth like Daniel, Zechariah, Ezekiel and Isaiah, as well as other parts of the NT like the Olivet Discourse and 1 and 2 Thessalonians. We will have to consider some church history as we see how people have interpreted this book in the past. We will have to some deep thinking on the issue of the science of interpreting the bible and lay a foundation of guiding principles that can be demonstrated from the word. Today we will simply be looking at the different positions and how they read the bible so that we can begin to get a grip on some of the terms as we proceed.