Revelation: The Hermeneutics of Amillenialism: Part Four


When Amillennialists point out to Premills that they base their view for a literal Millennium on a single reference from the most symbolic book in the bible, they agree that it would be foolish to make a doctrine on the basis of one verse, and point out that the main evidence for a literal earthly millennium, which consists in Christ ruling from Israel; with world peace; a rebuilt temple; reinstituted sacrifices; the Jewish calendar; circumcision,  etc., is found primarily in the OT. They claim that Revelation 20 should be read in light of these OT texts, and any denial of a literal millennium leaves us with large tracts of the OT that we have to ignore or twist by spiritualising them. It is important then before we can look at Revelation itself to address the issue of OT interpretation. I am not going to give an extensive course on OT interpretation but focus on those points that are relevant to the millennial question.