Luke 6:12-16: The Twelve Apostles

Speaker: | March 15, 2020

God’s ways are not our ways, and that is especially true when it comes to ministry. God uses all sorts of people that we would not expect. When you choose a president or prime minister...


Luke 6:1-11: The Lord of the Sabbath

Speaker: | March 01, 2020

Many have the wrong idea about Christianity thinking that God has a taste for dry religious service. Many think God to be a stuffy bureaucrat who loves to multiply rules and empty ceremonies. But this...


Luke 5:27-32: Jesus the Friend of Sinners

Speaker: | February 16, 2020

One of the things that Christianity used to turn the world upside down was the meal, yes the simple act of sitting down together to eat. Religious and social norms were perpetuated by the meal,...


Luke 5:12-26: Jesus-The Forgiver of Sins

Speaker: | February 09, 2020

If you mention the name Jesus Christ today the first thought in many minds is that Jesus is a judge and Christians are judgemental, this however is not the first thought they should think. Yes...


Luke 4:38-44: Jesus the Healer

Speaker: | December 22, 2019

Why do we get sick? The Bible teaches that we get sick and die because of the curse upon sin. Adam would have lived in a world full of bacteria but because his body was...


Luke 4:31-37: The Authority of Jesus

Speaker: | December 15, 2019

A biblical counsellor tells of a couple he was counselling: ‘Cynthia, a woman I counselled, once cast a demon from her toaster when it failed to work! More seriously, she and her husband Andrew had...


Luke 4:22-30: Rejecting Jesus

Speaker: | December 08, 2019

Why do people reject Jesus? Why do people see His claims, claims that we have seen and recognise to be true and wonderful and yet do not believe? Today we want to do an analysis...