Luke 2:1-7: The Birth of Christ

Speaker: | September 15, 2019

When I say ‘Christmas’ what comes to mind? Santa Claus, stockings, reindeer, Christmas trees, gifts, food…. Most of our associations have to do with lights, and music and festivities, and large family gatherings with lots...


Luke 1:57-80: The Benedictus

Speaker: | September 08, 2019

There are two ways in which God faithfully parents us with suffering. Think of these as two different types of parental discipline. There is the use of suffering in our lives in general which acts...


Luke 1:39-55- The Magnificat

Speaker: | August 18, 2019

Worshippers—that is one of the most fundamental things that we are as human beings.  We are made to worship, we will find our joy and satisfaction in worship, yet because of our sin we are...


Luke 1:26-38: The Annunciation

Speaker: | July 07, 2019

When I mention Mary the Mother of Jesus was immediately springs to mind? Those with Roman Catholic roots might think of the Ave Maria, the prayer to Mary. Many may think of various statues or...


Luke 1:1-4: ‘That You May Have Certainty’

Speaker: | June 23, 2019

Introduction: Imagine with me what the experience and the questions of Theophilus would have been: you are probably a God fearer who has only recently converted to Christianity, that is someone who was attached to...