Luke 9:57-62: The Cost of Discipleship

In the West we no longer know what it means to count the cost to become disciples’ of Christ. We live in an age where Christianity has been in the majority, but is now on the decline. This has led to a backlash in trying to market Jesus in a way that He stops losing popularity. We have removed all the offensive elements from the Bible, from our language and tried to sell a Christianity without the cross. Come to Christ to get a life coach who chases all your depression, all your sickness, all your failure away, and who will give you heaven when you die. Come to God to live a life of faith where you can design your own destinies by positive thinking and confession. Repentance is missing; killing sin is missing, enlisting in Christ’s army against a terrible foe is missing, embracing a life of sacrificial service and deprivations is missing. This is why we need to turn again and again to the gospel to hear Christ call disciples to Himself.

The section we have been in has been an intensive look at Christ training the disciples. What we have in 9:57-62 is the sobering reminder of the cost we must pay in being disciples’ of Christ. We have three individuals placed before us. The first and third are volunteers, the second is specifically called. Christ knowing the hearts of each lays out what is required in being His disciples. He is not begging for disciples that He is willing to take whoever will go on whatever terms. He is Lord, He must have first place and His will must come first. This is what He pointedly applies to these three men. He places before us the realities and priorities of being a disciple of Christ. Each of these men have differing issues that are preventing them from properly committing to becoming a true disciple of Christ. Our three points, as we look at these three men will be: no comforts, no delays, no turning back.