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Catch up on our sermons for the last few years below. Sermon Series and Topics are on the right, and you can use the Search bar to find key words within sermon overviews. Please contact the website manager if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

1 Kings 8:10-21: The Blessing of Solomon
Romans 15:1-3: True Spiritual Maturity
1 Kings 8:1-11: The Ark of the Covenant
Romans 14:23: ‘For whatever does not proceed from faith is sin’
1 Kings 7:13-51: Furnishing the Temple
Proverbs 27:20: The Eyes of Mankind
Romans 14:17-19 – The Kingdom of God part 2
Romans 14:20-23 – Faith and your conscience
Romans 14:17-19: The Kingdom of God
Romans 14:17-19: Why we should never be a stumbling block
1 Kings 7:1-12: The House of Solomon
Romans 14:13-16: How to never be a stumbling block