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1 Corinthians 7: Singleness
Luke 13:31-35: Jesus Laments Over Jerusalem
Ephesians 5:28-32: The Realities and Responsibilities of Union
Mark 8:22-30: Jesus Heals Two Blind Men
Ephesians 5:25-27: Words of Life and Death
Luke 13:22-30: How Many Will Be Saved?
Ephesians 5:26-27: Glorify Your Wives
Luke 13:18-21: Do Not Despise the Day of Small Beginnings
Ephesians 5:25: Husbands love your wives
Luke 13:10-17: Liberty and Captivity on the Sabbath
Ephesians 5:23: The Husband is the Head of the Wife
Luke 13:1-9: Suffering and Repentance