1689 London Baptist Confession Chapter 2 Part 3 The incommunicable Attributes of God: Part Three


Last week we spoke about God’s infinity, this is a quality that defines every perfection in God. He is infinitely powerful, infinitely majestic, infinitely wise. We come now to the last two incommunicable attributes that we will be dealing with and these have to do with God’s infinity in relation to space—omnipresence; and His infinity in relation to time—eternity. We are continuing to look at the phrase, ‘who is immutable, immense, eternal.’ Dealing with the incommunicable attributes we must remember that the same qualitative distinction not merely quantitative distinction exists between our experience of space and God’s immensity; our experience of time, and God’s eternity. We as creatures as subject to past, present and future; height, length, and depth; God is the Creator of these conditions and is not contained or defined by them.