Sermons by Guy McKenzie


Genesis 22:1-8: God Will Provide

Speaker: | January 06, 2019

Theme Obedience Introduction Cricket Tests Abraham’s Tests Body Abraham’s Great Test Abraham Considers Abraham Obeys God’s Sacrifice God Provides Our Obedience Conclusion Obedience is better than Sacrifice


John 1:1-18: The Word Became Flesh

Speaker: | January 06, 2019

Theme The People Say that Jesus is Elijah …? John’s Introduction to the Gospel Introduction Who do the Jews say that Jesus is? Who do non-Jews say that Jesus is? Who do people today say...


Romans 10:1-4 on Righteousness

Speaker: | November 11, 2018

Thanks to Guy McKenzie for preaching today from Romans 10:1-4, on the difference between our self-righteousness and God’s righteousness.