1 Kings 4: Solomon’s Infinite Wisdom

Thanks to Guy McKenzie for preaching this week. Please accept our apologies for the missing audio.


The book of kings is often an action packed and thrilling piece of redemptive history, but not so much in chapter 4. In chapter 4 we have the story of how Solomon administered his kingdom. But once again before we look at Solomon’s administration, lets remind ourselves just where in redemptive history this chapter fits.

The redemptive story so far tells us that Adam and Eve have been deceived by the serpent, they have sinned and been banished from the Garden. God has promised them a saviour who will rescue them and their descendant’s from their sins. The flood has decimated the world, and Abraham has fathered a people as numerous as the sand on the beach, or the stars in the sky.

This great race of people are the Israelites. The Israelites are now living in the promised land and are ruled by Solomon, the son of great king David.

As we turn our attention to 1 Kings 4, we remember that in 1 Kings 1 Solomon is revealed to us as the Lamb of God, a type of Christ who loving and merciful, who forgives his enemies their sins.
In 1 Kings 2 after Solomon gains the throne his brother Adonijah, along with Abiathar and Joab again attempt to take the throne from Solomon. Solomon is now the Lion of Judah, a type if Christ who takes vengeance on his enemies.

Then in 1 Kings 3 we saw that God gifted Solomon with Wisdom so that the people would not be afraid of a king, who was neither hot nor cold, merciful, or vengeful, but that the people would trust their king who as a type of Christ would make righteous judgments.

As we open 1 Kings 4 we are told that King Solomon was king over all Israel.