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Galatians 4:1-7: From Slaves to Sons

Introduction: It is Christmas time again.  Once again the world is handing itself over to carnival preparing to eat, and drink, and holiday and give gifts and be merry.  In the western world there is the constant attempt to remove Christ from Christmas.  But even where Christmas carols are still sung, and Christmas parades are still called so, and ‘Happy Holidays’ does not replace ‘Merry Christmas’, this is no guarantee that the Christ will be honoured.  This is no guarantee that Christians will not be caught up in the materialism that has come to dominate a time of worship. ...

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2 Samuel 1: David and the Amalekite

Outline The Amalekite David Introduction Two worlds colliding: that is what we are seeing when we see the Amalekite and David acting towards the same event, the death of Saul. The Amalekite is a picture for us of our opportunistic selves, and David portrays a man whose heart is gripped with a fervour for the glory of God. The book of 2 Samuel continues on the heels of 1 Samuel. The judgement of God has fallen upon Saul and Israel. The Philistine army has conquered and settled in Israel, Saul has committed suicide and Israel is without a king....

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Galatians 3:19-29: Children by faith

Outline Law Faith Introduction How does one become a child of God? A most simple but a most important question, and one which has been answered a number of different ways. The Liberal answer to this question is, every human being is a child of God; that man is basically good, and therefore they believed in the universal fatherhood of God and the universal brotherhood of man. This is a view of our being children of God without taking into account the problem of sin, and God having to judge us for our sin, and having to provide a...

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