2 Samuel 1: David and the Amalekite


  • The Amalekite
  • David


Two worlds colliding: that is what we are seeing when we see the Amalekite and David acting towards the same event, the death of Saul. The Amalekite is a picture for us of our opportunistic selves, and David portrays a man whose heart is gripped with a fervour for the glory of God. The book of 2 Samuel continues on the heels of 1 Samuel. The judgement of God has fallen upon Saul and Israel. The Philistine army has conquered and settled in Israel, Saul has committed suicide and Israel is without a king. It is a time of national emergency. The Amalekite betrays the sinners heart we see when looters seek their fortune in another’s loss; but David is man whose heart has been realigned by grace, he is thinking of the kingdom and the glory of God during such a time.

We want to compare these men to remind ourselves of what a graceless and a grace-filled life look like.