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1 Timothy 6:17-19: Giving

Let me begin with a statement, this generation of Christians in the West is the most informed and least godly generation of Christians that has ever been. I am not only talking about the fact that Christians are no longer recognizable as different from the world, nor am I referring to the many instances of public sin that Christian leaders and Christians in general are caught in. No, in our modern age with all of it conveniences, and all of its media and distractions we have lost our inner disciplines and spirituality. We are a people who are prayerless,...

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Romans 12:8: The Gift of Giving: Part Two

Outline Tithing Giving Introduction There are those who have the gift to give, but all Christians have the responsibility to give and be faithful with their finances. Your salary is not your hard earned cash which gives you licence to blow it according to your fancy. Your sweat and suffering in work is not something that gives you right of possession it is merely a negative effect of the fall on work and is part and parcel of our portion this side of eternity. No, everything you have is from God, your job, your ability to earn, your paycheck,...

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