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Luke 23:44-49: The Death of Christ

OUTLINE The darkness The curtain The cry The centurion INTRODUCTION What is the significance of the death of Christ? What is accomplished in the death of Christ? Luke answers these questions for us as he retells the story of Christ’s death on the cross picking out significant details which answer these questions. In our section there are four things that happen which underline what the death of Jesus accomplishes. The darkness indicates that Jesus took the curse and judgement of God; the temple curtain tearing indicates that Jesus has opened up the way to God; the cry of Christ...

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1 Kings 8:54-66: Solomon’s Benediction

Introduction: Most good Christian events happen around food. And the dedication of the temple is another example of this. We are approaching the end of Solomon’s prayer where he gives a final benediction of praise, some final requests and an exhortation to Israel. And then there is a huge nationwide feast. Solomon’s prayer has been very rich theologically as it has spoken to us about the God we are approaching and how to pray about our sins. The last part of this prayer is no less rich. Three things dominate this closing prayer. Firstly, in v56 Solomon blesses God...

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