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Luke 8:22-25: A Lesson in Faith

There is often a big difference between that first faith by which we are saved and the ongoing faith of the Christian life. Because unbelief is more natural to us than faith; because we are prone to feel first and not to think first; because we often walk by sight and not by faith we stumble at those trials that test our faith. We can be grateful then that we serve a Savior who is both the author and the finisher; the founder and the perfecter of our faith. As we come to this famous portion in Luke 8:22-25,...

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Luke 8:16-21: Fruitful Hearing

Famous Reformed Baptist pastor Al Martin preached a 16 part series on Luke 8:18, the series is called Take Heed How You Hear. 16 sermons on how to listen to the word of God! He deals with how we should prepare to listen before the sermon, how we should listen during the sermon, and what we should do after the sermon. Many might think that this is overkill, but Jesus Himself in the portion before us continues to talk about how we hear God’s word. The state of your heart, whether you are willing to listen, the consequences of...

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Jonah 1:1-3: Jonah’s flight

When I say, ‘the book of Jonah’ what comes to mind? For most of us we think of that memorable story of a runaway prophet from Sunday school. As you get older you may think about the controversy over whether the miracle of the big fish happened, there is no mention of a whale. And perhaps you have even heard about whether Jonah is in fact a real historical narrative or an allegorical story meant to convict a racist and nationalistic Israel. The real hero of the book of Jonah is God not Jonah. When you get to the...

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