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Genesis 2: Evolution or Creation

Introduction: Where does life come from?  Where does humanity come from?  These are the questions that we want to consider today.  The most common answer that we find in our Western context is—evolution.  Life evolved from a primordial soup.  Time plus chance equals everything we see today.  Through a series of mutational jumps certain mutations proved advantageous, then by the process of natural selection, those with these advantageous mutations survived to produce offspring who perpetuated these characteristics.  Thumbs, eyes, walking upright, no tails, etc. are the results of the process of evolution. All that we are as human beings is...

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Big Bang or Creation?

Introduction: In my last talk on apologetics we dealt with the objection to miracles, that was the first of three talks on the scientific objections to Christianity.  Today we want to consider the objection to the Christians view of the beginning of the universe, and next week we will look at the objection to the Bible’s teachings on the origins of life.  Today many people believe that the Bible’s view of Creation is incorrect and that a Big Bang cosmology has done away with the problem of a Creator and makes them satisfied atheists.  Big bang cosmology has a...

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Traditional Arguments For God Part Two

Introduction: This is perhaps the oldest and most popular argument for God, it is the argument from design. The Greek word telos which means ‘end’ is used because if we are able to discern design because something is purposed for a particular end, this betrays an intelligent purposer, namely God.

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