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Ephesians 4:11-16: Growing the Church with the Word: Part 1

I have gone through three paradigm shifts with regards to the gifts of the spirit in my Christian walk. Due to being attracted to the activism and life of the Charismatic church in my earlier years I joined the Charismatic Church at the height of the Toronto blessing. The church I joined was a melting pot of various Pentecostal and Charismatic views, there was no monolithic view held by all. In this first stage, this was the naïve stage of a flat approach where I simply expected everything I saw in the book of Acts to be active today...

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Romans 12:6-8: Cessationism or Continuationism?

Outline Cessationism Via Media Introduction Are the miraculous gifts for today? This is a huge question and no easy one to answer. There are big books being written on both sides of the question. There are thousands of phenomenon that are called in to act as evidence on both sides. And there are bad attitudes as each side accuses the other of blaspheming the Spirit. Today as an introduction to the gifts we must necessarily address this question of whether the miraculous gifts are for today. There are important concerns on both sides of the debate that must be...

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