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Luke 12:22-34: Do Not Be Anxious

There are two hands with which we hold onto the things of this life, there is the hand of greed and the hand of worry. The hand of greed holds onto things out of a desire for them believing the lie that they need them in order to be happy; the hand of worry holds onto things out of a desire to survive thinking that it needs these things for life. Some of us pursue the things of this life because of our insatiable desires; some of us pursue things because of our illogical fear. The iron grip of...

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Luke 10:38-42: Martha and Mary

Business is an affliction that our age struggles with. Life has accelerated to dizzying speeds and many cannot keep up. Today you will find life skills books and life coaches who teach you about simplifying your life, about finding the calm in the midst of the storm, about finding the art of living in the battle of business. We live in an age where we have to choose between the urgent and the important. We have to attend to our on-line selves and our real-life selves. Having the right priorities in our business is a timeless problem for Christians...

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