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Luke 17:11-19: The Ten Lepers

Many a Christian has come to be grateful for the particular difficulty that led them to cry out to the Lord, and by which they were saved. There are many cries to God during times of need; we tend to pray more when we are in trouble than when things are going well. We have all heard of the saying there are no atheists in foxholes. A saying that reminds us that when we get to the end of ourselves and the reality of death or disaster is around us we finally cry out to God. Many modern day...

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Habakkuk 1:12-2:1: The Problem of Reconciling God’s purposes

Have you ever asked a question, got an answer, but the answer provoked a number of further questions? That’s the trouble with our questions isn’t it? We think we have a good grasp of an issue, and all we need is one more piece to make the picture complete, but when we hear the answer, we realise our original idea was wrong and so we have a number of further questions to try and fill out the picture in our minds. This is Habakkuk. He had what appeared to be a simple question, ‘How long until you do something...

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Habakkuk 1:5-11: My Ways Are Not Your Ways

Have you ever had an answer to prayer that was completely unexpected? There you were asking the Lord for one thing, and then He went and answered your prayer but not in the way you had hoped. There is a famous example of this in John Newton, it is recorded in one of the hymns we sing. It was originally called ‘Prayer answered by crosses’ here is the opening stanza, ‘I asked the Lord that I might grow In faith and love and ev’ry grace, Might more of His salvation know, And seek more earnestly His face.’ How would...

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