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1689 Baptist Confession Chapter 2: Paragraph 3: The Trinity: Part Five
Elders- Alfie Orr Induction

Speaker: Nick Clevely
October 09, 2022

Apologies- there is no audio available for this sermon   Today we have had the privilege of inducting Alfie into the eldership.  This is a solemn occasion and has been done publicly with the exchanging...

1689 Baptist Confession Chap. 2: Para. 3: The Trinity: Part Four
Luke 24:13-35: The Road to Emmaus
Chap. 2: Para: 3: The Trinity: Part Three

Category: 1689 Baptist Confession / Speaker: Nick Clevely
September 18, 2022

OUTLINE Nicea Constantinople INTRODUCTION For those who suffer from technologophobia (the fear of technical terms); or those those who suffer from disconeologophobia (the fear of learning new words); or who have Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia (the fear of...

Luke 24:1-12: The Resurrection of Christ
Chapter 2: Paragraph 3: The Trinity: Part Two
Luke 23:50-56: The Burial of Christ
1689 London Baptist Confession Chapter 2 Paragraph 3: The Trinity: Part One
Luke 23:44-49: The Death of Christ
1689 London Baptist Confession Chapter 2 Part 3 The incommunicable Attributes of God: Part Three
Luke 22:47-53: Betrayal and Arrest