Romans 1:24-32: What Judgement upon Idolatry looks like

“When we think of God judging sin we have a picture of a great white throne, Jesus seated as the judge, the nations before Him, the angels dividing the people into two groups; we tend to think of something future, far off, cataclysmic and world ending. Paul drops a bomb on his readers by revealing that God’s holy anger against sin is already present and active upon the sin of idolatry. We have been analysing with Paul the fact of the knowledge of God revealed, the knowledge of God suppressed, and the knowledge of God replaced. And we know that this is what rouses God’s holy wrath, to refuse and exchange His glory is the greatest crime in the universe. So how does He express that anger? We tend to think of God bottling it all up and then letting loose on judgement day, but Paul is going to show us some very frightening things, that God’s judgement is already present.

If I were to ask you to point out God’s present acts of judgement I am sure that first on most of our lists would be the natural disasters that are afflicting our world. Paul is going to show us that God is judging when God does nothing, or rather when God hands us over to ourselves. We will explore these verses under 2 heads, looking firstly at the reality of God handing people over as a judgement, and then secondly at the results when man rule themselves.”