The Problem of Christianity Being Detrimental to Society


Today there are many people who believe that Christianity is not only wrong and backward but actually dangerous and inhibiting. The New Atheists have laid almost all social evil at the foot of religion. The trouble with this critique is that it is historically uninformed. There is a false narrative that tries to make out that science, or progress, or freedom, has been trying to break out of the mould and the church has been the biggest hindrance. This accusation that the church can only do harm can only come when people are historically ignorant to all that the church has accomplished. Jurgen Habermas, who carried no brief for Christianity said: ‘Christianity and nothing else is the ultimate foundation of liberty of conscience, human rights and democracy, the benchmarks of western civilisation.’ This is not the feeling on the streets or in the message of the New Atheists.

So today I want to look at four areas of concern. Firstly, we must address the false narrative that Christianity has held back the development of culture/society. Secondly, we want to answer the perception that Christianity denies religious freedom forcing its opinion upon all. Thirdly, we must address the concern that Christianity dehumanise us by denying us freedom and putting us into a straitjacket. Fourthly, that Christianity destroys other cultures. I have grouped all these concerns together under the problem of Christianity being detrimental to society.