The Doctrines of Grace: Unconditional Election: Part 2

Most people do not realize this but the doctrine of God’s sovereign grace in election is brought up by Paul in Romans 8-9 to give assurance of salvation. Paul wants to ground the faith of suffering Christians whose lives feel like they are spiralling out of control and implying God does not love them or is too weak. He grounds their assurance by showing how all things including suffering are working together for the good of those God is calling according to His purpose. Paul then reveals that God has a plan that began in eternity past as He predestined for salvation those whom He fore-loved. And all who He fore-loves will be called, justified and finally glorified. There is no uncertainty of a happy ending, there is nothing that can separate us from the love of God. God is able to perform what He wills, our assurance rests on God’s election.