Romans 3:9-20: The Conclusion about Man and Sin

“It is hard and unpopular to speak about sin in our modern age, the modern and post-modern philosophies of our age have brought the idea of sin under the knife, and the notion of right and wrong is being redefined. Parents and educators are no longer using the language of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ to describe a child’s behaviour, but rather we are hearing the PC words, of ‘mature and immature;’ ‘productive and unproductive;’ ‘adjusted or maladjusted.’ David wells in his book, Losing Our Virtue: why the church must recover its moral vision, gives us further evidence of a fading of the idea of sinfulness revealed in the way language is being used today,
“We no longer have failures, only underachievers. We no longer do things that are wrong but simply those that are inappropriate. We no longer talk about a person’s character but evade the difficulty of making moral judgements by speaking of his or her lifestyle. We cannot face squarely the awful afflictions that leave people handicapped; we circumvent the reality and say blandly that they are differently abled. We no longer have druggies but substance abusers. The very expression ‘substance abuse’ implies that there is a proper use for these illegal drugs and that the addict simply overused what might properly have been used at a lower dosage or with less frequency.”
He then goes on to illustrate this void in moral categories in the custody court case fought between Actor/Director Woody Allen, and he ex-wife Mia Farrow. Woody Allen had an affair with Mia Farrow’s adopted daughter, but none of the therapists and counsellors who were brought into the trial were willing to speak about right and wrong, or that it is wrong to sleep with children’s sister, they merely spoke about bad judgement, or a lapse in judgement.”