The Argument From Desire


We have been looking at the traditional arguments for God such the moral argument, the ontological, the cosmological, and the teleological argument for God. However, we have not been using them in the traditional way. The traditional way built upon Catholic or Arminian notions of man’s depravity makes it appear as if man’s mind is neutral before obvious facts, and that man can reason himself into believing in God. We have disagreed with this from the start. We have insisted that man’s sin makes him unable to be neutral or willing to believe what is present to be known from general revelation. However, we have also insisted that we need the Spirit and the Word to have true knowledge of God.

Here is a thought for you to help drill this home. Was Adam dependent upon his sinless mind and general revelation for his knowledge of God or was he, even though sinless dependent upon special revelation? We insist that he was. This helps us to see that even if man were sinless he would still not be competent to make judgements about God’s existence or being, but being a creature is and always has been dependent upon God’s revelation for knowledge of Him.