Seven Deadly Sins – Lust

We come now to our final look at the seven deadly sins from proverbs, and we have left lust
for last. Traditionally lust was the obvious deadly sin and things like greed and envy and
sloth had to be spelt out. But as culture and its idols change lust is no longer a taboo
subject, nor seen as a deadly sin. Since the sexual revolution of the mid twentieth century
we have seen the steady eroding of the biblical definition of lust as a sin. Virginity is no
longer a gift you give to your spouse on your wedding night but an embarrassing indicator
of a lack of desirability or personal progress. Marriage is no longer seen as the God-given
way to nurture love but a foible of those ‘traditional’ types who are struggling to adapt to
our new world. Where once upon a time the laws of the land reflected at least some sort of
agreement with biblical norms in that divorce was not easy and homosexual relationships
carried consequences. The situation is now reversed. Incest laws are being dropped
around the world, so called same sex marriages are being acknowledged, and even recently
sanctioned to be blessed by the Church of England. What was once frowned upon adult
entertainment, shows involving transvestites, are now forms of education where public
readings for primary age children by transvestites are common fare. Children who were
once protected from sexualized material are now inundated by once trusted family friendly
entertainment companies like Disney. What was once hidden is now public, what was once
shameful is now celebrated, what was once forbidden is now forced upon our children.