Romans 12:6: Spiritual Gifts


  • Having gifts
  • Differing gifts
  • Gracious gifts
  • Employing gifts


What am I good at? Where will I be useful? How can I make a difference? These are questions every person asks themselves and ones that the bible has been answering for years. We all have spiritual gifts to serve with. I am not good at anything! I am a good for nothing! No one will miss me when I am gone! These are self-esteem issues that the Bible likewise has been addressing for years when it talks about spiritual gifts. We turn now in our study of Romans to a most wonderful topic, the matter of spiritual gifts. Paul in speaking about our being living sacrifices has spoken about our unity as a body and our diversity in function. Paul moves Romans 12:6-8 to look at a sample of some of the gifts that God has given us for service.
Paul has been renewing our minds. To help us be servants, he renews our minds about what we are. To help us be united and be in community Paul renews our mind about our union as a body. And now in order to fit us for service he will renew our minds about our abilities.
We will be spending several weeks looking at the matter of spiritual gifts. Today we want to look at four things from v6. Firstly, that each one of us has gifts, and we will look at how we can identify them; secondly, God’s sovereign appointment in causing us to differ; thirdly, the gracious nature of gifts, and fourthly, using them in service.