Romans 12:2: The importance of a renewed mind


  • Enemies of the renewed mind
  • Uses of the renewed mind


Spiritual warfare is primarily a battle for the mind. In preaching the gospel you are seeking to bring the light of the Gospel to darkened minds, and in seeking to grow spiritually we are told here by Paul that this too is done through the mind being renewed. As Paul enters into this new section about living out the gospel he starts in the place of importance, by talking about the importance of the mind. Foundational to all the Christian living and the worship we seek to give through being a living sacrifice, it all has to begin with a mind that is renewed. To paraphrase what Paul is saying, ‘If you want to be a living sacrifice and offering constant and acceptable worship, you must not be squeezed into the mould of the world, but be transformed by a mind that is renewed by God’s truth not the lies of this age and so are able to discover God’s will in order to do it.’ As we consider this verse we want to look at two things, our present day enemies of a renewed mind, and what uses the renewed mind has.