Revelation 6: The 7 Seals: Part One


  • The four horsemen
  • The martyrs


In all 7 letters in Revelation there is a promise to the one who conquers. John was writing at a time of great trial and the people of God were being called upon to be holy and true in the midst of suffering. The book of Revelation cannot be understood unless seen as a book written to a situation where the church is harassed. Many times in the first three chapters we hear about the tribulation that the church was experiencing and the need for endurance. We noted how the church and the world are thrown into tribulation together but God has separate purposes for each. For the church He seeks holiness but against the seeks He is pouring out judgement. Having reminded these struggling churches of the fact of the resurrected Christ who has all authority to rule showing all of history to be an outworking of Him breaking the seals upon the scroll of God’s purposes chapter 6 describes the outpouring of Christ’s judgements, the suffering of the church and the final resolution on Judgement Day. We see the description of the hour of trial going to be poured out upon the whole world (3:10) and the way in which the church goes through it but is also preserved at the same time. This chapter is intended to comfort suffering Christians showing that Christ is in control, faithful Christians are protected and that evil is finally punished.