Revelation 22:6-21: Epilogue


  • 1st exhortation
  • 2nd exhortation
  • 3rd exhortation
  • 4th exhortation
  • 5th exhortation


We have finally come to the end of this most marvellous book of Revelation. We are not left with a number of pictures but rather a number of exhortations. The book began as an epistle, and will end as a traditional letter as well, v21. You may come to the end of this book and your head is spinning with pictures and symbols and a hundred more questions than you began with, the letter ends with clear instructions and applications. Here you are given a summary of the concrete things you can take away from this amazing book. I will be following Beale as he arranges these closing verses under 5 exhortations.