Revelation 21:9-27: The New Jerusalem


  • The city’s appearance
  • The city’s life


We are well familiar to the rags to riches story, but the story of the church is a story of riches to rags to riches. God’s people in Eden were perfect in the image of God, Adam and Eve would have been perfect in beauty. I do believe that our obsession with beauty in appearance is due to the loss we suffered when we fell into sin. With the fall humanity lost all its beauty and riches and we became slaves. But God came and redeemed us in Christ so as the church militant we have the appearance of rags but have inward and promised riches. But one day Christ will return and He will restore us to a greater fullness than we lost in Adam. As we continue looking at the new creation we are given a sight of the New Jerusalem, or the New Israel, or the Church, the bride of Christ. The long history of humanity that started as a united family, that was then fractured in sin, but is spiritually reunited in Christ, in the New creation we will be one reunited people in glory. From riches to rags to riches, let’s see how this is pictured for us in Revelation.