Revelation 2:1-7: Ephesus: Part Two


Gordon Macdonald was a successful and famous Christian writer and speaker who fell into adultery. After being restored he wrote a book and in it he gives an illustration of the Christian life. The Christian life is like a yacht, you can have a spotless yacht, new sails, fresh varnish, bright upholstery, polished brass fitting and still sink if you do not pay attention to the condition of the yacht under the water line where the eye does not see unless we deliberately go inspecting. Ephesus was like a yacht, to the casual observer it looked to be a good yacht, but underneath the surface, in the area of their hearts there were dramatic problems. Our hearts are the hardest part of ourselves to maintain because they are invisible and so we have to be deliberate. The letter to Ephesus teaches us the danger of having a busy and doctrinally correct church that has lost its heart.

As we continue with Christ’s letter to His Church in Ephesus we want to look at Christ’s rebuke, the advice He gives and the final parts of the letter.