Revelation 20:1-6: The Millennium


  • Contextual considerations
  • V1-3
  • V4-6


Babylon is defeated, the beast and the false prophet are defeated, the armies that arranged themselves against the church are defeated, but what about the devil the great enemy of the church? God answers this question and more in this section. He tells us about how the devil is bound, and more what the destiny of the saint is who dies under the devil’s rampaging. The devil is symbolised in the picture of a dragon and serpent, but the church is spoken of as martyrs. The book of revelation has revealed the satanic conspiracy by the devil to unite the world to overcome the church but we will see in this section that he will never be able to fully do this. He will be bound from deceiving the nations to wage this war, and when he does finally unite everyone Christ will come and quickly end it all. Meanwhile God pulls back the curtain on the intermediate state and shows us the life of the Christian in heaven as he awaits the final ending and the New Creation. We will be reigning in Christ’s authority in blessing and peace. Any victory for the devil is actually only apparent, and victory will finally be Christ’s. This section is full of controversy so we will have to burden this extremely encouraging text with argumentation in order to try and answer the many questions which clutter our thinking on this text. We will be seeking to more closely prove the Amillennial understanding as the true one.