Revelation 13:1-10: The First Beast


  • Description of the beast
  • Action of the beast


If you played cricket for the national team one of the things that the coach would do is look at each of your opponents and show you their strengths and their weaknesses. One of the great difficulties is when there is a player who is unknown who is debuting. There have been many instances when a new fast or spin bowler has come in and taken several wickets. This is usually because the team were not prepared and did not know what to expect.

Chinese bowler Paul Adams for South Africa had this effect and was able to take many wickets. God is a good coach who shows us our opposition that we might know our enemies. We have been told in chapter 12 so far that the devil is waging war against the church, now God illuminates us as to how this looks. We are introduced to the two beasts, we turn our attention now to the first one.