Revelation 12:1-6: Battle of the ages


  • Outline of the enemies
  • Outline of the battle


Chapters 12-20 of Revelation are not necessary to the basic storyline of Revelation. Chapter 11 ended with the judgement according to works, the destroying of all the destroyers, and we could have logically gone straight to Revelation 21 with the creation of the New heavens and earth. The purpose of chapters 12-20 is not to add new information but to provide deeper insight into points already made. It has been suggested that a basic way to understand the book of Revelation is to divide it into 2 parts, chapters 1-11 describes the physical and historical happenings, but 12-20 are the behind-the-scenes spiritual perspective. This division is correct. These chapters have been written to show the persecuted and struggling believers the real powers behind their struggle. These things have been revealed to encourage them to resist sin and compromise because in doing so they are resisting the devil and his minions.