Revelation 10:1-11: Interlude


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In any good story, you don’t want to know the end before you have got to the end. The book of Revelation though is full of spoilers. Because of the terrible time that the Church has of it until Christ returns God constantly reminds us of the end. As we come to Revelation 10-11 we have what is called an interlude between the 6th and 7th trumpet. The main purpose of the interlude is to encourage the Church. We see in 10:7 the certainty and finality of the end, and in chapter 11 the preservation and faithfulness of the church. This is the second time, in a set of 7 judgements that God gives us insight into the Church’s position in relation to all the judgements that have been poured out. In chapter 7 we saw the seal interlude and the church was the numbered and sealed people of God who dwell in peace in God’s presence. The trumpet interlude is also made up of two visions. The first has to do with John’s recommissioning as prophet and introduces chapter 11 which is all about the preserved witness of the church. Hope and preservation are the themes, and these are necessary due to the many judgements being poured out and many enemies to be revealed.

This interlude is not to be thought of as a chronological event that occurs between the 6th and 7th trumpet. Like the former interlude it is out of chronology. Chapter 11 especially is prior to the 6 trumpets and explains them, they are the judgements described in chapter 11. It is a theological interpretation of the role and suffering of the church not a chronological account. Today we will deal with chapter 10 touching on how others have read it and then give our interpretation.