Philippians 2:12 – 13 Christian Good Works

The issue that confronts us as we go into this next section is the matter of our doing. We
can have heads full of orthodoxy, where we can know all the technical terms and the careful
scholastic balancing acts as we hold certain biblical truths. But knowing and doing are two
different things. There are many who thrive on collecting information, of comparing views,
of developing an encyclopedic library of books, but whose lives are all learning and no living.
Depending on your personality type and gifting you may not err on the side of orthodoxy
but orthopathy, the Greek word ‘pathos’ referring to emotion. While the music is playing the
tears are flowing; while the preacher is waxing lyrical your heart is soaring; while someone
shares a sad story you are able to commiserate, and as soon as it is done you pull out your
phone get distracted and all that emotion amounts to nothing. Being emotional can be
mistaken for action. What we want is orthodoxy, orthopathy, and orthopraxy, a right
practice. Where head, and heart and hands are all engaged.